Get to know a React-Seed project to kick off your application

Front-end development ReactJS

Get to know a React-Seed project to kick off your application

Start your React app with our GitHub repo

Starting a new project is often challenging. But if you are like us, staying up to date and learning modern and efficient coding practices can be rather fun! Front end technologies are our favorites and nowadays we are keeping a closer eye on trends about React. Mark my word: tomorrow you’ll be building apps with it too!



We’ve recently been working on a React-Seed project that is available in GitHub. Our goal was to create an effective and organized starting point to code React applications, speeding up the beginning of projects by having the basic aspects of the code ready to go. More than that, we wanted to share our good practices with other teams and establish our company’s identity with the software we create. Four of UruIT’s developers, Matias Delgado, Rodrigo Rivera, Marina Acosta and myself, Carloluis Rodriguez, worked on this project.

Besides curiosity, we believe a developer needs creativity when creating software, but must be organized to develop clean and sustainable code. And as we look for the community’s support to learn and seek answers, we also enjoy giving back the good insights we’ve learned and sharing our experiences.

If you are curious about this Front end project, in the repo there is a kick-off code that includes:

  • Webpack 3
  • ES6/7
  • ESLint
  • React
  • Fetch
  • React-Router
  • Redux
  • Jest
  • Sass
  • Express
  • Git hooks
  • Setup for Postgres or MongoDB

Our intention is to continue developing this React-Seed project, so please be our guest and contribute to its improvement by giving us feedback or building it with us.

Let’s keep sharing curiosity, creativity and great, great code! Click in the image below and get to know our Seed project.


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Carloluis Rodríguez

Carloluis Rodríguez

I am a Software Engineer with a BS in Computer Sciences from the University of Havana. I have 3 years of work experience and in this whole time I’ve been working with Agile methodologies. I love web development, to work in the javascript ecosystem, to develop free software, and always keep the focus on code quality. I really enjoy learning new things! Besides programming, my other great passion is maths: numbers, theorems and history do fit in my spare time.

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